Eugene o'Neill Theater Center 

 Stage Management Intern 

National Playwrights Conference 2019
Artistic Director: Wendy C. Goldberg
Death of the Republic 
by Craig Lucas, directed by Wendy C. Goldberg
it's not a trip it's a journey
by Charly Evon Simpson, directed by Nicole A. Watson
by Anna Ziegler, directed by Casey Stangl
Black Dick
by Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm, directed by Roy Alexander Weise
Winter People
by Laura Neill, directed by Danielle Topol
Production Stage Manager: Meg Kelly
Assistant Stage Manager: Liza Miller
Performance and Cabaret Conference
Artistic Director: John McDaniel
Storytellers, Brad Simmons
Thirsty! Tori Scott
Barb, Brel, & More! Barb Jungr
Tonight! Carole Cooke
The Jam: Only Child Daniel J. Watts
Production Stage Manager: Ryan Looke
Assistant Stage Manager: Rachel Ackerman